Versions history

New classic team - Tarnow 2004
New challenges: "Bomber attacks" and "Draw Aces"
Transfer screen modifications
GB league teams lineup update
National tournaments on national tracks (6 tracks minimum)
"Wolves bites Lions" challenge modifictaion
Next season creation bug fix
New track - Wolverhampton
New classic team - Morawski 91
2 new challenges: Wolves bites Lions and Beat the champ 1998
Gameplay optimization
Fixed bug with craeting barage competitions in 2 divisions league
Fixed bug on Torun track, bot freezes on second arc
In app products dialog informations only after bought process
Desktop PC
Fixed bug when user press buttons from other controller
Russian league
Opponent team lineup change available in friendly matches
Fixed 5 laps bug on Torun track
Fixed schedule for 3 polish league
Fixed home track for Ipswich team
Junior skills depends on starting league
Riders skills fix
Desktop PC
Two players can play in league mode
Added auto save to Steam cloud
New track - Ipswich
New challenge - Witches enchant the tigers
Torun track update (first and second turn)
Fixed schedule for 1, 2 and 3 polish league
Fixed barage matches between 2 and 3 polish league
Fixed team promotions and relegations when user team go bancrupt
Fixed map for Torun 2008 track - there were fence places on track
Fixed AI on Goetheborg track - problem on the one before last curve
Desktop PC
Fixed bug - game not run on some machines
New league - French league
New team - France
New track - Torun 2008 (old Torun track)
Translation to German language
New track - Kumla
New challenge - "Greater Poland derby"
Game speed adjustment in options screen
Minor bug fixes
New track - Goeteborg
Slower game play - for Easy and Normal difficulty level
Team lineups update
New classic team - Wroclaw 1999
New challenge: "Change history 1999"
"Return after years" challenge bug fix
New track - Wroclaw
New screen for select teams for 4 teams match
Max 2 foreigners in 3 polish league
Team lineups and rider skill update in british league
Team lineups update in polish league
Bug fix - hard level available in league mode
Desktop PC
Going to next screens in 4 teams match and individual tournament with space
Possibility to change team lineup for every team controlled by the user on 4 teams match
Bug fix - hard level available to select in league mode
Desktop PC version released
Updated teams lineups and schedule in british league
Barage matches fix in 3 polish league
Fixes in challenges
Performance improvements
Desktop PC
Configure controllers screen bug fixes (pads)
Adding possibility to run game without dedicated cursor
Going to next screens in friendly match with space
InApp purchases (iOS)
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